Creases and Vectors


Gardens ofSesshu Valise

  The garden of Sesshu is created through "quantity and direction" and "multiple perspectives that generate diversity." However, even though I can appreciate it in this way, when I stand before Sesshu's garden, I feel the need to make this space my own by putting creases on this print myself.

To make the space my own. Just as Zen gardens emerge from bonsai as universes, as if creating one's own miniature garden. It was necessary to put wrinkles and creases on the finished photograph, leaving behind the sensation and traces of conviction. 

Yet still, I think I am confused. Even if I grasp the intentions of the great artist from 600 years ago, it is difficult to express my own emotions. In frustration, like Sesshu's skillful use of inverted images of actual scenes, I inverted Sesshu's garden to reverse my own senses.