Observatory Series Kegon Falls










Observatories and lookout points teach us a lot as places that offer unique perspectives into space. These locations aren't just physical spots; they bring about spiritual experiences like observation, contemplation, and emotion.


Firstly, observatories and lookout points prompt us to consider how space can become a place of our own. Landscapes we usually pass by take on entirely new meanings when viewed from such places. It's a realization that space is more than just a location; it's shaped by our relationships and experiences.


Moreover, these spots provide important viewpoints for others as well. The landscapes and experiences viewed from there can become even richer through sharing and interaction with others. Experiencing those places with others may give rise to new insights and emotions, fostering deeper understanding.


Contemplating the moment when observatories and lookout points transform from spaces into special places, when the observer, the observed, and the vista merge, we realize they become more than mere observation points. They transform into places of empathy and sharing. When our experiences and emotions intersect with space, those places hold special meaning for us.